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First click on your chosen Name on the list of Pages in the right-hand side-bar of this 'Front Page'.*


*[If the side bar fails to appear, click on 'Pages & Files' & then 'All Pages' at the top of this page & choose the Name Page from the list].


This Page brings up a short summary of the coverage for the Name and includes a link to the 'full File', which is in PDF. In most cases, clicking on the link will advise that no Preview is available & will ask you to click on the Download button just above. The 'full File' should appear.  



This site (technically a 'wiki') makes freely available a huge amount of careful genealogical research.


Each of the many 'pages' on the site relates to one of the families from which I descend. The page itself gives a brief introduction to the work on that family (with approximate coverage dates) and provides a link to the family's main file. Each file includes extensive endnotes, referring to the sources of the information. The files vary in length from a few lines to many chapters.


The work relates chiefly to South-West Lancashire and North Cheshire and to the West Riding of Yorkshire (around Kildwick and Skipton). There are also files from Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire; from Kent (around Canterbury) and from Wiltshire (Wilton), London and Cornwall (Helston). 


No part of the work is completely finished: bold text in the body of a file usually indicates an unfinished item or something waiting to be checked. An asterisk in the endnotes indicates a copy document in the author's collection.


I have placed a copyright on all the pages, but I have no objection to the material being shared among interested parties. 


I am keen to hear from anyone who can offer additions and/or corrections to this material, or who simply wants to comment. Click here to contact me by email.


Alternatively, you can leave comments in the box at the foot of this and any individual page, but for the box to be unblocked you must first click on 'Create an account' & sign up with a username, e-mail address & password. You can then 'Log-in' and comment.


TS 1 December 2023.


Almost all the material is now online, with just a few stray pages to come. Currently available are:


S.W. Lancashire 

  • Allin of Radcliffe & Aughton; Ascough of Ormskirk; Ashcroft of Aughton; Aspinwall of Melling; Aspinwall of Scarisbrick & Toxteth Park
  • Ball; Barton of Ormskirk; Barton of Scarisbrick; Bickerstaffe of Bickerstaffe & Aughton; Bold of Bold; Bolton of Kenion; Bolton of Sefton; Bootle of Scarisbrick; Bradley of Maghull; Brown of Aughton & Leyland; Buckley of Ormskirk; Butler of Aughton; Byrom of Byrom & Moore
  • Cross of Altcar; Crychlow; Culshaw of Scarisbrick & Ormskirk
  • Dicconson of Ormskirk 
  • Ellison of Wavertree
  • Fillingham; Fisher; Formby of Formby; Forshaw of Knowsley; Forster of Windle & Cuerdley; Frearson of Leyland & Ulverston 
  • Garnett of Rainhill; Guy of Aughton; Guy of Kirkby
  • Halsall of Huyton; Hankin of Ormskirk; Harrison of Scarisbrick; Hartley of Ormskirk; Heaton of Rainford & Cuerdley; Hesketh of Great Crosby; Hesketh of Scarisbrick; Hodgkinson of Warrington & Toxteth Park; Hodson of Ormskirk; Hodson of Pemberton; Hughes of N. Wales & St Helens; Hurst of Upholland & Orrell; Hyton of Ormskirk
  • Jackson of Cuerden; Jackson of Aughton & Ormskirk; Johnson of Great Crosby; Johnson of Ormskirk
  • Kenion of Formby; Kenwrick of Eccleston & Rainhill 
  • Latham of Aughton; Latham of Knowsley & Whiston; Lea of Rufford & Scarisbrick; Ledson of Melling; Lever of Little Lever; Lloyd of N. Wales & Altcar; Lunt of Great Crosby; Lyon of Eccleston; Lyon of Rainford & Melling
  • Man of Shakerley; Mascy of Rixton; Massam of Altcar & Formby; Mather of Billinge; Mercer of West Derby; Molyneux of Upholland & Aintree
  • Nevison; Norris of Aughton; Norris of Formby
  • Ormshaw of Scarisbrick & Aughton; Orrell of Turton
  • Potter of Windle and Whiston; Pyke of Eccleston
  • Range of Thornton; Rawlinson of Newton; Rice of Formby; Rimmer of Ainsdale; Rimmer of North Meols and Bickerstaffe; Roscowe of North Meols
  • Sadler of Prescot; Savage of Cuerdley; Shaw of Downholland; Silcock of Orrell; Smyth of Ormskirk; Sparkes of St Helens; Spencer of Lathom; Sutton of Formby
  • Thomasson of Great Crosby; Thompson of Mawdesley; Throppe; Tomlinson; Turton; Tyldesley of Wardley; Tyrer of Huyton
  • Walley of Standish; Walls; Wanewright; Watkinson; Weedin of Croston; Westhead of Aughton; Woodward of Much Woolton; Woolfall of Wavertree 

N. Cheshire

  • Barton of Barton
  • Dennis of Moore
  • Gill of Woodchurch 
  • Latchford of Moore 

Gloucestershire, Worcestershire & Herefordshire

  • Alcock of Forthampton
  • Bloxham of Upton-on-Severn 
  • Church 
  • Hawkins of Sandhurst and Chaceley
  • Lingham of Upton-on-Severn 
  • Maddocke of Upton-on-Severn & Maddoxe of Gloucestershire
  • Powell of Bosbury 
  • Rodway 
  • Wick 


  • Barber of Chislet; (Berles of Stowting)
  • Dove of Hackington
  • Hart of Blean; Hart of Hernhill
  • Jarman 
  • (Keeler of Hythe) 
  • (Miller of Stowting)
  • Paramore 
  • (Sharpe of Elham & Hythe)
  • Saffery 
  • Taylor of Hackington 
  • Willett 


  • Chalk of Wilton 


  • Gott of Silsden; Green of Farnhill
  • Heaton of Carleton & Kildwick; Hudson  
  • Jenkinson of Kildwick 
  • Laycock of Kildwick 
  • Mitchell of Cowling 
  • Scarborough of Cowling; Steel of Silsden & Merseyside; Sugden
  • Ward of Skipton; Whitaker of Kildwick; Wilsen of Kildwick


  • Sowter of Middlesex 

Cornwall, Kent, Norfolk, Lancashire 

  • Smith of Norwich 



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